Transmission Probe (SST) and (O-SST)


Transmission Probe (SST) and (O-SST)

  • Unique compact patented design
  • Easily installed in a pipe or reactor through a single access port
  • Compatible with all Guided Wave analyzers

Many applications and installations require an individualized fit please contact us to discuss your precise needs.

Specifications Transmission Probe (SST) and (O-SST)
Uses / Applications Most versatile insertion process probe.  Optional accessories make it easy to adapt to different kinds of process installations.
Pressure Range (psi)* SST
Pressure Range (psi)* O-SST
0 to 2000 [0-138 bar]  (higher pressures available on request)

0 to 1000 [0-69 bar]

Temperature Range (°C) SST
Temperature Range (°C)  O-SST
-40 (°C)  to 300 (°C)

Determined by o-ring material but not to exceed -25 (°C) to 250 (°C)

Probe Diameter (inches)* 0.750; 1.000 (larger diameter recommended for probes ≥ 24″ long)
Available Probe Length (inches)* 12;18;24;30;36
Spectral Range (nm) UV-Vis (225-600); Vis-NIR (380-1100);  NIR (800-2100)
Optical Pathlength (mm)* 2;5;10;20;50
Standard Material 316L SS Standard
Optional Materials 304 SS, Hastelloy C-276, Monel, Titanium, and Nickel
Core Fiber Diameter (µm)* 500 Standard  (400, 600 also available)
Fiber Connector SMA 905 Standard   (FC; ST also available)
Window Material SST

Window Material O-SST

Sapphire (Vis-NIR)

Sapphire (Vis-NIR) or Fused Silica (UV)

Window Seal proprietary gold alloy brazing
Mounting Swaged Fittings; custom flanges; extractor assembly mechanism
Probe Part Number SST
Probe Part Number )-SST
1296x‐xxxxx; 12985‐xxxxx (flanged)
45040‐xxxxx; 12985‐1xxxx (flanged)
Data Sheet Doc #  SST
Data Sheet Doc # O-SST
* *Contact Factory for alternatives

Optional SST or O‐SST Probe Accessories

The SST or O-SST probe is available with optional accessories for easy adaptation to different kinds of process installations.

  • Custom Flange Service: Facilitates installation of the SST or O-SST probe into common process pipe configurations.

Custom Flange Service ►

  • Extractor Assembly Mechanism: Removal and servicing of probes without shutting down process
    • Rapid, safe extraction of in-line probe from pressurized process streams
    • 2 inch Class 300 raised face flange
    • Teflon “V” -ring packing glands standard

Extractor Assembly Mechanism ►

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