Sample Interface : Probes

The sample interface is a virtual “windows into the process” and is a critical component of any optical analyzer system. Guided Wave sample interfaces (probes, flow cells) are designed for use with NIR or UV/Vis fiber optic coupled analyzers. They are designed to be rugged and reliable in harsh chemical and physical process conditions while providing optimal transmission for long-term reliable measurements.

A brief overview of probes versus flow cells is below. More information is available about specific products using the navigation links on the left.

Sample Interface : Probes & Flow Cells
Insertion Probes Flow Cells
  • In Situ Sampling
    • No Sample Prep
    • No Lag Time
    • Representative Sample Assured
  • Service
    • Probe must be removed from process for cleaning and zeroing
    • Extractor Mechanisms Available
  • Reliability
    • Excellent
  • Sample Loop Required
    • Sample Prep Possible
      • Thermostating
      • Filtering
      • Drying
    • Lag Time (depends on fast loop design)
  • Service
    • Can be cleaned and zeroed in place
  • Reliability
    • Flow Cell is Excellent
    • Sample Systems Require Maintenance
Analyzer Systems
Full Spectrum Analyzer Filter Photometer
  • All Wavelengths Available
  • Adaptive
    • Multiple Applications Possible
    • Full Programming Capability
  • Full Outlier Detection
  • Limited Number of Discreet Wavelengths
  • Limited Adaptability
    • Applications Limited to Wavelengths Available
    • Limited Programming Capability
  • None or Limited Outlier Detection
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