Real Time Process Monitoring for Copper Contamination – Improves Semiconductor Industry Production Efficiency

Semiconductor Industry Production Efficiency

Copper contamination is a major concern for the semiconductor industry. With the advent of Tin and Tin/Silver solders for Lead-Free/RoHS compliant electrodeposition, the risk of trace copper contamination (<20 ppm) due to leaching of copper into the acidic bath solutions requires real time monitoring to ensure proper plating. A Guided Wave ClearView® db analyzer, coupled to a Teflon™ Axial flow cell with a pair of fiber optic cables, will out-perform conductivity meters for monitoring electrochemical deposition processes. This is because the analyzer system does not respond to contaminating species. Further, reliable readings are assured since all critical optical parts are corrosion proof and of the highest quality. The ClearView db is also well-suited for continuous monitoring of several other common semiconductor processing solutions including, H2SO4, HF, H2O, Copper, Cobalt, Nickel, and others.

Guided Wave offers support for two electrodeposition applications. The first application monitors the concentratio of copper in the grams per liter range. This has an expected measurement error of ± 1 g/l and is ideal for real time monitoring of copper plating solutions. The second application targets lead and copper free plating of Sn and Sn/Ag plating solutions. This trace copper contamination application was developed to monitor the build up of sub 20 ppm of copper in the plating solutions utilizing Guided Wave’s ClearView db photometer. Application Note

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