Guided Wave Releases Outlook on Oil and Gas Market – in Summer 2019 Customer Newsletter

Guided Wave’s summer issue of its customer newsletter, “The Guide Post” was recently released. This issue focuses on current trends in the oil and gas marketplace. The refinery industry is undergoing a huge transformation that will shape society’s energy solutions for future generations. With the newly abundant supply of shale gas, and the need for safety and sustainability within the refining and chemical plants, the industry is on the cutting edge of creating a demand for unique and sustainable feed stocks that will be more competitive and safer to process and use.

Measure and control are more important than ever in meeting the up-and-coming trends that the refining and petrochemicals industries are moving towards. This issue covers the ability and power of online process monitoring, along with Guided Wave’s NIR analyzer systems, to well-equip the marketplace in various applications, to thrive through these next business cycles and industry trends.

In this Issue of The Guide Post Newsletter:

• Market Trends – Oil and Gas Outlook
• Application Focus:
o Solving Real Life Problems in Petroleum Refinery
o Alkylation to Visbreaking – Refinery Analyzer Map
• Feasibility Study: Octane Number using DG-NIR
• Sample Interface: Rugged Probes and Flow Cells Meet Refinery Requirements
• People: Is There a Dr. in the House?
• Talk to the Experts: ASTM Validation (D6122) and Process Analysis Implementation Strategies
• Education: Free on-demand training for OmniView NIR-O Process Analysis Software 1-7 Video Series

Following the Process from Alkylation to Visbreaking –
Refinery Analyzers for Every Measurement

Process Analyzer Solutions for Refinery Measurements

One of the applications in this issue focuses on the Advanced Process Analysis Refinery Measurement Map which documents appropriate analyzers to use at each process along the way. From the raw materials to the end-product release, online analyzers can be used to improve refinery efficiency and profitability through all processes. This map illustrates the flow of oil and gas processing, and along with a recently released article explains the role of process analyzers in petroleum product creation. The article is titled, “The Role of Process Analyzers in Refineries to Process Crude Oil into Usable Fossil Fuel Products.”

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