Talk to the Experts: Navigating ASTM Validation Practice (D6122) and Process Analysis Implementation Strategies

The guidelines provided in the ASTM validation practices (D6122) can be part of a complete process analysis implementation strategy. Near-infrared spectroscopy is a routine measurement and analysis tool for both liquid and solid samples in a wide variety of industries and locations, both process and laboratory. For process measurement analyzers, validation is a key component of a complete measurement system. Guided Wave offers the Stability Monitoring System, which is a D6122 compliant solid-state process analyzer accessory.

ASTM D6122

For NIR process analyzers, continual validation is addressed in ASTM D6122 Recommendations of this method include: verification of adequate instrument performance, verification of the applicability of the calibration model to the spectrum of the sample under test, and verification of equivalence between the result calculated from the infrared measurements and the result produced by the primary test method used for the development of the calibration model. The performance tests defined in ASTM D6122 can be incorporated into an automatic validation protocol. This validation provides assurance that the measurement produced by the analyzer is a result of equipment that is operating properly. Guided Wave Product Manager, Dr. Ryan Lerud and President Susan Foulk have published an article in NIR News titled “Automated NIR analyzer validation (ASTM D-6122) for the Oil and Gas Industry”. Their article describes an automated validation system suitable for near infrared process analyzers. Would you like to talk to our experts about this topic?

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