The Refinery of the Future – Targeted Petrochemical Production

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According to the February 20, 2019 issue of Chemical & Engineering News, “The Future of oil is in Chemicals, Not Fuels”, Saudi Aramco, BP, and other major oil producers and refineries are forecasting a decrease in the demand for fuel. Their rationale for the decline is that the adoption of electric cars and improved fuel economy cars, will decrease demand for barrels of oil dedicated to transportation fuel.

In an effort to stay competitive some oil producers are evolving their refining processes to target the production of specific chemicals. For example, ExxonMobil has developed a system which allows crude oil instead of naphtha to be processed by a stream cracker.

By creating variations in existing locations or processes in the refinery, valuable chemicals can be selectively created, purified, and sold in bulk.

Adapting Existing Analyzer to Support Targeted Petrochemical Production

As refineries move to produce specific chemicals, they require analyzers that can adapt and accurately monitor the process. The NIR-O Full Spectrum NIR Analyzer along with Omniview software can be quickly reprogramed to predict parameters of interest for any number of potential petrochemical compounds.

The 12 channel (sample points) variant of the NIR-O allows for the different sample points to be configured for various applications. In contrast to other analyzer vendors, the expand-ability of sample points and chemometric calibrations makes the NIR-O a smart choice for refineries following the crude-to-chemical trend.

Combining our Experience with Refineries and Petrochemical Analyzers

Guided Wave has over 35 years of experience providing custom solutions for the refining and the petrochemical industry. A shortlist of proven applications can be found on our application overview webpage.

Not finding your application on the list? Chances are high we have done it before and just couldn’t talk about it. Contact one of our Sales Representatives or complete our Interactive Application Questionaire Webform and we would be happy to discuss the potential solutions to your process monitoring challenges.

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