Rental Solutions for Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization

Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Monitor

Do you have an upcoming product release or need to verify a vacuum sterilization method?

The Guided Wave Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Monitor (HPVM), is a simple turnkey solution for the measurement of hydrogen peroxide and water (H2O2  and H2O) concentrations in the vapor phase. Conveniently Guided Wave offers short term HPVM rental solutions which provide continuous, accurate data for documentation and validation requirements. The HPVM rental plan is a complete ready-to-go system and includes calibration certificate, 6-meter fiber optic cables, and a redesigned 50 cm pathlength G-SST probe. The analyzer operates in real-time, which takes the guesswork out of determining the H2O2 and H2O concentrations during cycle development and throughout the actual vacuum sterilization cycle. 

Why Rent an Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Monitor?

Renting an Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Monitor (HPVM) is an ideal solution for short term monitoring needs. When only using an instrument for internment periods of time, it doesn’t make financial sense to invest precious resources learning how to set-up and operate a new interim system. As a result, the quick installation and start-up, along with the ease of operation and control, make the HPV Monitor a smart choice for rental applications.

The HPVM  is calibrated at the factory and no programming or modification is required by the user. To start-up, simply power on the HPV monitor, connect the G-SST probe via the fiber optic cables, and collect a ZERO or background reading in the dehumidified sterilization isolator. Immediately following an inject of sterilant, accurate H2O2 and H2O concentration measurements may begin. This allows for easy operation and controlled monitoring during the sterilization process.

Why Use Spectroscopy to Monitor Sterilant Concentration?

Because the HPVM uses proven NIR spectroscopic technology for quantifying the concentration of vaporized hydrogen peroxide in the sterilization chamber, renters/users can be totally confident in the monitoring results. NIR Spectroscopy is the only real-time monitoring technology capable of operating inside of a vacuum chamber during the sterilization process. Electrochemical hydrogen peroxide sensors cannot handle the harsh vacuum conditions and elevated temperatures used in a modern sterilization process.  The HPV Monitor is not suitable to determine low (<100 ppm) concentrations, which are of occupational health and safety concerns.

HPV Response Curve
H2O2 Vapor Measurement Range0.1 - 50.0 mg/L, [71.2 – 35,600 ppm V/V]
H2O2 Measurement Accuracy ± 0.1 mg/L
H2O Vapor Measurement Range1.0 mg/L – to condensation, [>1345 ppm V/V]
H2O Measurement Accuracyx 1.0 mg/L (Relative to concentration at time of reference)
Response Time 1 second, minimum. User Settable
Ambient Temperature 10 – 45 °C10 – 45 °C
Optimal Ambient Temperature Stability< ±2 °C
Relative Humidity0 – 90% non-condensing

The Smart Choice for Reliable Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Measurement

Guided Wave’s HPV Monitor delivers accurate, real-time H2O2 and H2O measurement results under vacuum conditions. Its long term stability and no maintenance requirements make it a cost-effective, smart choice to help optimize production and ensure product quality ultimately enhancing profitability. Quick and accurate determination of how much sterilant is actually in the vacuum chamber is achieved using the HPV Monitor.

An ISO 9001 certified company, Guided Wave maintains expert technical support and responsive global service for the lifetime of the HPV analyzer system.

Need a Long Term Sterilant Monitor?

Contact a Guided Wave Sales Representative to discuss purchasing the new Vaporization Hydrogen Peroxide Analyzer or the Vaporized Ethylene oxide (ETO) Analyzer. Based on the Clearview’s proven dual-beam photometer technology. the new HPV and ETO analyzers provide a cost effect monitor.

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