Time to Upgrade Your M412 Analyzer? Key Points Your Proposal Needs to Include

Over 20 years ago Guided Wave debuted the Model 412 near-infrared (NIR) process analyzer (M412). In 2016, with advances in technology and our pioneering experience in the spectroscopic analysis industry, the M412 was replaced by NIR-O. NIR-O provides better performance, advanced operations, and improved ROI.

There are 2 Options for Adopting a NIR-O Spectrometer for Existing M412 Users:

Upgrade M412 to NIRO

1. Retrofit your M412 Enclosure with the New NIR-O Spectrometer

The NIR-O Spectrometer can be retrofitted into any existing M412 installation. Simply schedule downtime for the analyzer, remove the M412 spectrometer and related elements, and follow the retrofit installation guide. Within a few hours, your NIR-O will be up and running in your existing enclosure and properly communicating with your DCS. Contact a Guided Wave sales representative to receive a quote for this special Retrofit Upgrade.

2. Purchase a Fully Certified IECEX, ATEX, or CSA Certified NIR-O

The retrofit of the M412 enclosure may invalidate any hazardous environment certifications for the M412. The state-of-the-art NIR-O has model certification for both IECEX and ATEX. Additionally, a CSA field certified design is available. Contact a Guided Wave sales representative to receive a quote to upgrade to a certified NIR-O full spectrum analyzer.  

Cost Reducing Considerations for Upgrading to NIR-O

Compared to new system installations, substantial savings can be realized by either retrofitting the M412 or purchasing a complete NIR-O analyzer system. There are 5 top cost-saving justifications to include in your project proposal. These include the:

  1. Ability to reuse existing probes and fibers
  2. Transferability of current chemometric calibrations
  3. The NIR-O requires 90 Watts less power than the M412
  4. Omniview software provides enhanced support for modern security protocols
  5. Improved User Interface, embedded touchscreen, and FREE software training videos – reduce learning curve for users
  6. Convenient spare parts service plan – Wave Care
NIR-O Analyzer

Reuse Existing Probes and Fibers

Guided Wave designed the NIR-O to be optically matched with existing M412 fibers, flow cells, and insertion probes. As a result, Guided Wave can offer a more cost-effective upgrade path to existing users. Reusing the probes and fibers from the M412 allows the NIR-O upgrade to be dramatically less expensive.

Keep your Existing Chemometric Calibrations

The chemometric calibration models in use on the M412 can be efficiently updated by Guided Wave staff for use on the NIR-O analyzer system. A calibration update reduces the opportunity cost associated with modernizing your analyzer.

Improve Security via OmniView Software

The Class PA software utilized by the M412 has provided users with years of trouble-free operations. However, security concerns and best practices were completely different 20 years ago. By upgrading to the NIR-O analyzer and associated OmniView software, your IT staff can rest assured knowing that the key analyzer software meets today’s vigorous security protocols.

Library of Online Support Videos and Training Materials

As part of the product launch for the NIR-O, Guided Wave developed a wide range of support videos hosted on our YouTube channel. In addition, we have NIR-O qualified support engineers available to help with startup and other troubleshooting issues.

Spare Parts and the WaveCare Support Program

The NIR-O spectrometer was designed specifically to address the service issues associated with the M412’s input module and shutter assembly. These design improvements have resulted in a dramatic decrease in the amount of service work required, resulting in more uptime for the NIR-O analyzer.  Additionally, an optional WaveCare Support Program was launched in 2019 to provide users with improved lead time on spare parts and service calls to further ensure uptime.

Contact a Guided Wave sales representative to save money and time by either retrofitting your M412 or purchasing a new NIR-O analyzer system.

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