Canadian Registration Number (CRN) Certified Probes for Process Spectroscopy

A Canadian Registration Number (CRN) is a number issued to the design of a pressure vessel or fitting by each province or territory of Canada. The CRN identifies the design has been accepted and registered for safe installation and use. As of October 2019, Guided Wave has submitted more than 3,500 different design configurations for our probes and flow cells to be CRN certified.

CRN certified probes and flow cells are engineered by Guided Wave to meet the strict safety and application requirements for the Canadian petrochemical, refining, and polymer markets. By coupling these probes with certified (CSA, ATEX, IECEX) process analyzers, Guided Wave can offer complete process monitoring solutions to Canadian customers. We currently have CRN registered designs for Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec. However, complete process monitoring solutions for all provinces can be implemented – contact us for more information.

All CRN probe sales include hydrotest and x-ray test results.

Gold Braze Single-Sided Transmission Probe and Gear Driven Extractor

NIR-Infrared spectroscopy with both DG-NIR and FT-NIR is now possible with the family of CRN certified in situ transmission probe and extractor.

Drawing Single-Sided Transmission (SST) Process Probe
Figure 1. Anatomy of an SST Process Probe

CRN Probe Features

  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • Rugged and vibration resistant design
  • Sealed against ambient moisture infiltration
  • High optical throughput for low noise spectroscopy
  • Temperatures to 300 °C
  • Pressures to 2000 psi or 138 bar
  • Higher pressures are available on request

Optional CRN Certified Accessories

The Single-Sided Transmission probe is available with an Extractor Assembly under a single CRN. This extractor accessory allows for a CRN probe to be easily adapted to different kinds of process installations. Additionally, the Extractor Assembly allows for quick and easy removal and servicing of probes, and avoids costly shutdowns by allowing the process to continue while the probe is offline. The standard flange on the extractor enables it to be installed into common process pipe configurations.

Certified Probes for High Pressure and Temperature Applications

The family of Heavy Duty probes are a special class of SST probes designed to withstand up to 2400 psi. The Heavy Duty probes can be constructed in 304, 304L, 316, 316L, and Hastelloy, with up to a 50 mm path length. 

CRN Certified Flow Cells for NIR Spectroscopy

Guided Wave’s family of 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 mm pathlength flow cells are hydro-tested to demonstrate operation at 8100 pounds of pressure. This high safety factor has enabled Guided Wave to seek CRN certification for the flow cells in Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec.

Simple, Serviceable Flow Cell Design

Key elements of the CRN Certified flow cell (MPFC) design are simple, serviceable o-ring seals, the clean-out port, high optical efficiency, slip jointed conduit-ready connections, sapphire windows, a clean flow pattern, and o-ring sealed optics to prevent ambient moisture infiltration. The flow cell probe can be field disassembled for o-ring service and reassembled without changing the optical pathlength, a crucial parameter for repeatable measurements. The multi-purpose flow cell now boasts a dual seal at the sapphire “window-to-process” interface. This doubles protection for the expensive internal optical lenses.

Operating Range of CRN Flow Cell

The certified Multi-Purpose Flow Cell operates over the following pressure and temperature ranges:

  • Temperatures to 300 °C (o-ring material dependent)
  • Pressures to 1000 psi (o-ring durometer dependent)
  • Available in five standard pathlengths 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 mm

CRN Certified Probes Compatible with Bruker and ABB Spectrometers

The CRN Certified probes and flow cells are manufactured by Guided Wave to facilitate full integration with any fiber-optic spectrometer manufacturer. The family of CRN certified devices are fully compatible with the Matrix-F FT-NIR analyzer, ABB’s full line of FT-NIR spectrometers, and AIT’s optical analyzers. The market-leading optical efficiency of our sample interfaces will improve the optical performance any spectrometer when connected with 400 to 600 micron fiber optical cables and SMA 905 or FC connectors.

Need Help Purchasing a CRN Certified Spectroscopy Probe or Flow cell?

Contact a Guided Wave sales representative to determine the best CRN Certified configuration for a process sample interface.

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