Guided Wave Releases Petrochemical Market Outlook in Fall 2019 Customer Newsletter

Cover of the Guide Post Newsletter Fall 2019

Guided Wave’s fall issue of its customer newsletter, “The Guide Post” was recently released. This issue focuses on current trends in the petrochemical, chemical and polymer marketplace.

Guided Wave can assist users in measuring various polyurethane compounds such as: Di-isocyanates, polyols, % water, and certain toxic by-products. Some relevant examples for these components include: %NCO, MDI, TDI, DEG, MEG, ETO, and phosgene. This issue covers the ability and power of online process monitoring, along with Guided Wave’s NIR analyzer systems, to well-equip the marketplace in various applications to meet the challenges of these petrochemical, chemical and polymer market trends.

In this Issue of The Guide Post Newsletter:

  • Market Trends – Petrochemical,Chemical and Polymer Outlook
  • Application Focus: Fast Reliable Measurements of Polyurethanes
  • Feasibility Study – Monitoring of Styrene, Acrylonitrile and MEK for Online Control on a Styrene Tower 
  • Sample Interface – Custom, Compatible, Certified Probes and Flow Cells
  • People – New Technical Staff Added to European Office
  • Education – How to Select Fiber Optic Cable for Spectroscopy
  • Product Update – M412 Retrofit to NIR-O – Saves You Money

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