New Intern Joins from US Department of Defense

Guided Wave is proud to announce that Keaton Wakefield has joined our team as a software development intern. Keaton is part of the United States Department of Defense Skills Bridge program which links service members nearing the end of their enlistment with internships in industry. Keaton is currently working with Dr. Ryan Lerud and Dr. Steve Elam on improving the functionality of the OmniView software used with the NIR-O Full Spectrum Near Infrared Analyzer. According to Dr. Elam, “Keaton is a quick learner and is helping to bring new ideas to our development process. In just a few short weeks he has already contributed code improvements that will be included in our next software release.”

Keaton is currently attending Community College at American River College in Sacramento California. He is working for a degree in Software Engineering. Upon completion of the degree, Keaton plans on getting a job with a process automation company.

Thanks for your service Keaton and welcome to Guided Wave!

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