Guided Wave Releases Sterilization Market Outlook in Spring 2020 Customer Newsletter

Guided Wave’s spring issue of its customer newsletter, “The Guide Post” was recently released. This issue focuses on current trends in the sterilization industry.

Medical issues that are arising from the COVID-19 pandemic have put sterilization technology at the forefront of the battle. Although many technologies are being considered to help sterilize and disinfect various health and medical items, vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) is one of the few sterilization methods that is effective for virus deactivation and microbial reduction.

As the industry quickly adapts and creates new products to meet this healthcare crisis, this proven and accepted technology can reduce the time to market and ensure safe, reliable results.

In this issue we address the ability and power of NIR online process monitoring, along with Guided Wave’s VHP Analyzer systems, to well-equip the marketplace to meet the current and future sterilization challenges.

In this Issue of The Guide Post Newsletter:

  • Sample Interface – G-SST Vapor Probes for Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor
  • People/ Places:
    • Intern from US Department of Defense Joins GW
    • Dr. Terry Todd Retires
  • Education – Why Pathlength is Important for Sample Interface
  • Events:
    • HPV Analyzer Helps NASA Keep Planets Clean
    • Saybolt Analyzer with Free Fiber and Flow Cell

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