Announcing direct integration of EigenVector’s SOLO Predictor with Omniview V2.0 software

Eigenvector Research and Guided Wave have partnered to implement an API between the Omniview V2.0 software and Solo_Predictor. This enables NIR-O Full Spectrum Analyzer users who develop models using Eigenvector’s MATLAB® based PLS_Toolbox or stand-alone Solo to use the real-time prediction engine, Solo_Predictor. Contact Guided Wave or your local representative to access this free of charge software update.

Steps to for Existing NIR-O Users to Implement Solo_Predictor

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Steps to integrate Solo_Predictor and Omniview Software.

  1. Provide proof of runtime license for the Solo_Predictor program

  2. Download software update from Guided Wave onto built-in analyzer PC

    A zip file containing updated python scripts and a 64-bit Solo_Predictor version 4.0.4 installation executable will be provided by sharepoint or drop box.

  3. Follow the installation procedure

    The installation procedure for existing users, requires moving some files into place.

Purchasing a NIR-O and want SOLO_Predictor to be preinstalled?

Existing EigenVector customers just need to provide proof of the run-time license when placing their order with Guided Wave. This will allow our production staff to implement the API on the analyzer computer.

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