Wishing You Holiday Cheer!

Do you know these faces? Here are the names:

Our staff wishes you happy holidays (from left to right in the photo) – Top row: Katherine Hsu, Don Thomas, Steve Elam, Scott Shores, Janell Leysath, Ryan Lerud (masked-man revealed). Middle row: Justin Stirrat, Debra Hall. Bottom row: James Low, Lynn Williams, Alice Munteanu, Curtis Mau, Susan Foulk, Neil Quiroz. Camera Shy: Cheng Teurn, Dave Holland, Israel Tenorio, Ken Gruessing.

Greeting from BB Sarkar in our office in India
Greetings from Hans Buytaret from our European office

Thank you for your business, loyalty, and support this past year. We hope you can take off your mask for a bit and put on your holiday cheer!

Sincere holiday wishes from,
all of us at Guided Wave

Holiday Dates Closed

Please note Guided Wave will be closed December 24 through January 3, 2021. We will be monitoring the Guided Wave sales and support team emails, but replies will be delayed.[email protected] and [email protected]

Hours of Operations

On January 4, 2021 we will continue our regular business operations of Monday through Friday, 8AM – 5PM Pacific Standard Time.

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