Integrating the OEM ClearView db – The Gold Box

ClearView db is a modular filter photometer suitable for many OEM applications. By selecting up to six filters ranging from 420nm to 2100nm each with a dedicated detector, system integrators have successfully utilized ClearView db for real-time monitoring of liquids and gasses. Examples include: acid & OH number monitoring, detection of copper in acid baths, hydrogen peroxide vapor sterilization, NO2 gas sterilization, water content of solvent or gasses, or color. Additionally, the ClearView db can monitor up to 2 process locations using either flow cells or direct insertion probes.

Block Diagram of Clearview db

When sold in the OEM form factor, the ClearView db’s external enclosure which includes a touch screen interface is removed. This enables system integrator’s to have a compact and low cost gold box analyzer to incorporate into their design. A direct digital MODBUS interface allows for bidirectional communication with the OEM ClearView db and other peripherals. As shown in the image below, the OEM ClearView db gold box is approximately 9 inches long, 4 inches tall, and 5 inches wide.

The small form factor of the OEM gold box allows for simple integration.

Implementing a complete OEM Analyzer System

A complete OEM analyzer system includes OEM Clearview db, a sample interface such as an insertion probe or flow cell, and a pair of thermally stable fiber optical cables (link to thermal test report). Often the gold box is located out of the way, in a control room or internal electronics area. The fiber optical cables allows system integrators to then route a connection to the sample interface.

Depending on the application an appropriate flow cell or insertion probe design is selected. For example:

  • In the semiconductor industry, hydrofluoric applications require a flow cell constructed out of PFA/PEEK. The metal free flow cell construction is selected to prevent contamination or corrosion in the cleanroom environment. 
  • For medical device sterilization, a 50 cm vapor probe is selected for monitoring NO2, H2O2, O3, or other sterilants. The GSST probe was specifically designed to be invariant to pressure or other index of refraction changes that often occur during the vacuum sterilization cycle.

Ultimately by implementing the OEM ClearView db photometer with MODBUS and an appropriate ample interface, critical process monitoring information can be quickly delivered to process engineers and other end-users. Allowing your customers to make informed decisions in real-time.

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