Available Parts and Support for Model 412 NIR Spectrometer

Guided Wave’s Model 412 Process analyzer has been out of production since October of 2017. This includes ALL Model 412 Process and Lab analyzers.

The Model 412 NIR analyzer was in production for nearly 20 years and most are still in daily service. However, as technology changes and older technology parts are no longer produced, it has become impossible to produce new spare parts for the Model 412 spectrometer.

Guided Wave will continue to offer repair services in our factory for the Model 412 as possible. The available parts and repair status are listed below:
  • LAST BUY! – On Grating assemblies, Input modules, and Monochromator PCAs.
    (See part number list below to request a quote)
  • Please place your orders by Aug 1, 2021.

Lead time is estimated to be > 20 weeks for these soon-to-be-obsolete parts.

  • Lamps will continue to be available in the foreseeable future.
  • Filters for the filter wheel will be available in the foreseeable future.
  • Factory REPAIRS are still possible on most M412 components.  This includes ECMs and PCAs, Grating assemblies, and Input modules.
  • No other NEW parts are available.

In 2016, with advances in technology and our pioneering experience in the spectroscopic analysis industry, the M412 was replaced by NIR-O. NIR-O provides better performance, advanced operations, and improved ROI. The NIR-O process analyzer is a direct replacement for the Model 412 and can be used with existing probes and fibers. 

Cost Reducing Considerations for Upgrading to NIR-O

Compared to new system installations, substantial savings can be realized by either retrofitting the M412 or purchasing a complete NIR-O analyzer system. There are 5 top cost-saving justifications to include in your project proposal. These include:

  1. Ability to reuse existing probes and fibers
  2. Transferability of current chemometric calibrations
  3. The NIR-O requires 90 Watts less power than the M412
  4. OmniView software provides enhanced support for modern security protocols
  5. Improved User Interface, embedded touchscreen, and FREE software training videos – reduce learning curve for users
  6. Convenient spare parts service plan – Wave Care

Read the full detail here on how to upgrade your M412 analyzer.

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