In 1983 Guided Wave was recognized as an industry leader when it delivered the first fiber optic-based Near Infrared (NIR) analyzers. Today Guided Wave is the only process NIR vendor that provides a complete optically matched system, yielding the best throughput efficiency and long-term performance that exceeds industry standards.

Complete NIR and UV-VIS Systems

Guided Wave designs and manufactures complete analytical systems utilizing proven Near Infrared (NIR) and Ultraviolet / Visible (UV-VIS) spectroscopic techniques. We deliver a total solution that includes optically matched components and a well-planned calibration approach leading to long-term success and savings. Our state-of-the-art systems are designed for continuous online use, providing real-time data of laboratory quality while thriving in the most demanding processing plant environments. Our product reliability, a stable instrument platform, and responsive technical support are why companies from around the world have come to depend on Guided Wave.

Rugged, Efficient Sample Interface

Guided Wave analyzer systems consist of rugged, yet highly efficient sample interface designs that may be remotely coupled to the spectrometer or photometer at a safe distance from common areas. Additionally, our analyzers can be fitted with optional equipment making them suitable for use in hazardous environments. Even after installation, safety benefits continue. Built-in interpretive diagnostics allow for instant notification of significant changes to the chemical composition of your process.

Guided Wave systems provide real-time characterization of the stream, allowing for the most efficient and effective processing. The production rates and delivery schedules demanded by your company’s resource planning are easily met. Most importantly, because of the access to real-time data, the target quality of your product is never in question. Your customers’ expectations are consistently achieved.

Spectrometers and Photometers

Guided Wave’s product line includes a full scanning dual beam NIR spectrometer system (NIR-O) capable of measuring up to twelve separate sample points, and a dual beam Vis/NIR filter photometer system (ClearView db) capable of measuring two separate sample points, and a UV/Vis spectrometer system (M508+) capable of measuring up to four separate sample points.  All systems are compatible with our full line of process fiber optic probes and flowcells.

The Power of Online Process Monitoring

The team at Guided Wave is accessible and responsive, offering insightful solutions to your application questions, fair prices and knowledgeable service.  Guided Wave application experts have decades of experience with process analyzer applications.  We can answer your application questions and help direct you to the optimum analyzer solution.  ISO 9001 certified, Guided Wave maintains global support and certified technical distributors worldwide. We’re with you through the lifetime of the product.

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