Other Applications

Guided Wave’s use of NIR and UV/Vis technologies and spectroscopic techniques provides an effective and efficient means of monitoring and controlling production in real-time … either in continuous or batch processes. Having the ability to obtain near-instantaneous results is an essential tool to improving quality control and fine-tuning formulations. Monitoring in real-time eliminates the guesswork about when formulations are correct and within quality control limits.

  • Provides continuous, accurate, and precise real-time, in-situ information to constantly monitor input stream purity and final product quality
  • Allows simultaneous measurement of multiple parameters that are key to manufacturing a safe and precisely formulated product
  • Reduces overall process sample-point cost through the use of Guided Wave multi-channel analyzers
  • Helps increase efficiency of the production process through real-time information
  • Customized process analytical systems tuned to your specifications

In Pharma, constantly monitoring final product quality is essential. The ability to simultaneous measure and monitor multiple parameters simultaneously during production, even at multiple sampling points, helps achieve product quality and process efficiency.

Pharmaceutical Application examples:

Consistent product performance and appearance are essential to a successful consumer goods manufacturing process. For example, monitoring for low level organics in water can keep critical processes in the Consumer Products industry running efficiently and safely. Guided Wave’s real-time online analyzer systems help ensure the desired formulation is produced every time.

Consumer Products Application examples:

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