ClearView db Analyzer FAQ’s

Q: What are the different power indicator lights on my ClearView db analyzer?
A – The front panel of the Guided Wave ClearView db photometer (analyzer) has three indicator lights (LEDs): Power, Lamp Error and Fault. 

Q: Why is the Power LED flashing on my ClearView db photometer?
A -The power LED on the ClearView db serves two purposes. The most obvious is whether power is available or not, but it is also used to indicate if Modbus communication is working.  The possible conditions are:

LED on, solid LIGHT – power is on
LED on, flashing LIGHT – power is on, Modbus communication is occurring
LED off – no power

Q: What is the password to change the configurations for calibrations and settings on the ClearView db analyzer?

A – When you select configuration from the menu it will prompt you for a password. The password 266344.

Q: My ClearView db analyzer doesn’t show any errors, but it is not communicating with my PLC.

A – Communication errors typically occur because the communication settings used by the ClearView db is different than what the PLC is expecting to communicate on. Use the following instructions to change the communication port and network settings used by the ClearView db. see instructions

Q: How can I configure the XPORT settings on the ClearView db?

A – The ClearView db analyzer uses an embedded Ethernet module called XPORT. There is an app called Device Installer that allows you to configure the XPORT. see instructions

Q: When servicing a ClearView db Hydrogen Peroxide Analyzer, what do I need to know when exchanging the gold box?

A – The gold box that sits inside of the ClearView db enclosure contains all the optical and electrical elements that operate the ClearView db analyzer. By having a spare OEM gold box users can always keep the analyzer working and online. When performing the exchange of the gold box, there will always be basics inspection steps that need to be preformed. Such as, does the analyzer light up after reconnecting all the cables. see instructions

Q: What if the OEM gold box has 2 channels, but I am only using 1 channel?

A – If the OEM gold box has 2 channels, but you are only using 1 channel, the other channel should be disabled. Do not delete the answers for the unused channel, instead follow the below instructions to disable the answer. Disabling the answers of the unused channel prevents erroneous error messages from occurring. These instruction can also be found on pages 14-20 of the ClearView db users manual. see instructions