Customer Success Stories

Guided Wave works with you to tailor a solution for your exact requirements, from the analyzer to interface, with competency in applications that cover a wide span of industries.  Guided Wave partners with you to configure the optimal system for your challenging process measurement needs.  Find your solution in our customer success stories:

Online Fuel Blending for Increased Product, Flexibility and Competitiveness
A Guided Wave NIR Process Analyzer System was fully implemented for real-time fuel blending measurement and control to optimize online gas blend quality, capacity, and product flexibility. The determination of fuel octane numbers (i.e. RON, MON) is a common NIR application. However, this customer required a very broad and unusual RON range for the feedstocks (RON 70-100+).
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Detecting Various Levels of Color in LNG with High Accuracy per ASTM Method D156, D6045
A Guided Wave Saybolt Color Analyzer System was fully implemented for real-time color measurement of various grades of LNG (liquefied natural gas) product with multiple specification requirements. Since the Guided Wave customer required the measurement of various grades of LNG, they could not use just a “go” or “no-go” color analyzer. They needed to find an analyzer that was able to detect varying levels of color with a high degree of accuracy in accordance with ASTM D156 and ASTM D6045.
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Nitrous Acid (HNO) Measurement in Fertilization Plant
Guided Wave’s dual-beam ClearView® db Vis-NIR Process System Analyzer was fully incorporated for plant-wide HNOmeasurement and optimization. A global firm specializing in agricultural products and environmental protection agents needed a solution to improve employee safety during the manufacturing process. After researching several technologies to measure HNO2 in the lab, they determined that Guided Wave’s ClearView db Analyzer System was the best solution.
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Online NIR Process Analyzer System Saves Money in Unexpected Ways
A Guided Wave dual-beam NIR Process Analyzer System was fully incorporated to measure Research Octane Number (RON) of reformate from a plant’s catalytic reformer. Accurate real-time measurement saved the company money in additional, unexpected ways.
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