Cuvette Holders

The Cuvette Holder is a convenient, compact, rugged lab sample interface that is easy to use and even easier to service. It is a useful accessory for laboratory work, calibration development, or feasibility studies. 

Guided Wave offers two styles of cuvette holders that complement different end-use requirements.

Traditional Single Cuvette Holder

Guided Wave’s traditional Single Cuvette Holder comes with an optional, removable solid-state filter holder for easy analyzer system validation. This cuvette holder is standardized for cell pathlengths of 10mm or 20mm. It connects to any Guided Wave analyzer through a pair of intrinsically safe fiber optic cables. The cuvette holder can be configured at the time of order for operation in either the VIS-NIR spectral range or the UV-VIS spectral range.

Triple Cuvette Holder for High Throughput QC Lab Operations

Quality Control Labs for refineries often test grab samples to verify the accuracy of process analyzers. Different sample streams and calibrations may require different path lengths. High throughput operations benefit from the triple cuvette holder’s ability to simultaneously accept several sizes of cuvettes or vials. At the time of the quotation, the required pathlengths for each of the slots is defined. The custom design allows the holder to be compatible with standard NIR or UV cuvettes and disposable plastic cuvettes or HPLC vials.

Cuvette Holders are Compatible with Dispersive and FT- NIR Spectrometers

Both the Triple Cuvette Holder and traditional Single Cuvette Holder are manufactured by Guided Wave to integrate with any lab-grade fiber-optic spectrometer. To ensure compatibility, select either UV-VIS or NIR optics and either SMA or FC fiber optic connections. Both Cuvette Holders are fully compatible with the Matrix-F FT-NIR analyzerABB’s full line of FT-NIR spectrometers, and AIT’s optical analyzers.

Single or Triple Cuvette Holder Features

• Optical paths of 10mm or 20mm (also 5mm for Triple)
• Fixed / reproducible pathlength
• Compatible with commercially available cuvette cells
• High optical throughput for low noise spectroscopy
• NIR or UV optics
• Suitable for lab or pilot plant use

Exceptional Light Transmission

Like other Guided Wave optical probes, both the Single and Triple Cuvette Holders provide exceptional optical performance. Internal optics result in a collimated light beam for consistently accurate measurements. Typically, peak transmission exceeds 60%. That means more signal, lower measurement noise, and lower limits of detection.

SpecificationsCuvette Holder
Part Number Single Holder12689-1xxxx
Part Number Triple Holder45370-1xxxx
Uses / Applications Laboratory analysis with fixed pathlength cuvettes
Body Material (both Holders)Aluminum (black)
Pathlength 10mm, 20mm (both Holders) 5mm Triple Holder only
Spectral Range (both Holders)VIS-NIR (400-2100nm), UV-VIS (200-1000nm)
Optical Efficiency (both Holders)>60% (800 – 1650 nm)
Fiber Connector (both Holders)SMA 905