UV-VIS Fiber for Deep UV Polymer Additive Applications

Inhibitors, stabilizers, and additives are included in polymer formulations to ensure the end-product meets specifications. Deep UV analysis is critical for determining the exact concentration of many of the proprietary ingredients.

Guided Wave’s deep UV fiber enables high optical throughput for wavelengths down to 190 nm. The increased transmission efficiency of the UV-VIS fiber allows more light to reach the sample, which in turn lowers the detection limits providing improved readings and measurements of the online process. The fiber core within the UV-VIS fiber optic cabling is constructed with a special pre-form that ensures consistent spectral performance during production.

Coupling this UV-VIS fiber cabling to Guided Wave’s UV-VIS M508plus Process Analyzer improves the total system performance and thus the results. The fiber formulation reduces installation constraints on polymer applications, due to higher transmission efficiencies.

Users can connect up to 50 meter of fiber to an SST insertion probe or flow cell. Thus creating a 100-meter round trip (from the light source inside the analyzer to the sample interface and back again) for UV-VIS applications. Total distance depends on the wavelength range of interest. A cost savings can now be realized by installing our general-purpose 508plus lab system in a safe area while continuing to monitor polymer reactions in an explosive environment.

Qualified UV-VIS Fiber Specifications

  • Assembly has <1 dB/m attenuation at 200 nm
  • High transmission efficiency for deep UV wavelengths
  • Conforms to DIN 58145:2017-01 for UV solarization
  • Improves signal-to-noise for wavelengths <220 nm due to 50% more light compared to competitor fiber

Why Transmission Efficiency Matters in UV-VIS Fiber

Our new spectroscopic grade deep UV fiber optic cable is designed for the highest performance in transmission efficiency and durability under polymer processing conditions.

Signal stability and low noise in remote spectroscopy depend upon fiber optics with high transmission. The transmission must be minimally affected by environmental influences such as temperature, vibration, and ambient light levels.  Guided Wave’s commitment to high-quality materials ensures our industry-leading UV-VIS fiber will improve the results of any spectroscopic analyzer.

Product NameDeep UV Process Spectroscopy Fiber
Wavelength Spectral Range190-850 nm
Fiber Run Typical (Length) 5 to 50 m
Temperature Maximum 85 °C
Temperature Minimum -20 °C
Baseline Attenuation ≤ 1 dB/m @ 200 nm