Gas Flow Cell


Gas Flow Cell

  • Suitable for many gas phase analyses
  • 1/2 inch tubing connections
  • Double o-ring sealed for extra safety
  • Compatible with all Guided Wave analyzers

Talk to us about your particular process installation needs for the best fit.
Gas Flow Cell

Specifications Gas Flow Cell
Uses / Applications Gas phase process streams
Pressure Range (psi) 0-500 (2mm Sapphire windows)
0-1000 (6mm Sapphire windows)
0-500 (6 mm Fused Silica (Deep UV)
Temperature Range (°C) -20 to 170 (o-ring dependent)
Spectral Range (nm) Vis-NIR (380-2100)
Vis (380-850)
UV (200-550)
Optical Pathlength (cm) 25;50;75;100  (other lengths available on request)
Cell Length (inches) Pathlength +10
Standard Material 316L SS
Window Material Sapphire or Fused Silica (Deep UV)
Window Seal Polymer o-ring materials: Viton, Kal-Rez® 6375, others on request
Fiber Connector SMA 905
Part Number 45020-1xxxx
Data Sheet Doc # download 1041

Gas Flow Cell Options

The Gas flow cell is available in different body materials, and with several options for o-ring seals for easy adaptation to different process compatibility requirements.

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