Shuttle Probe


Shuttle Probe

  • Suitable for many process measurements
  • Allows for in process probe cleaning with no disruption
  • Easily change probe pathlengths by changing the coupler
  • Install a pair of shuttle probes and a coupler in a shuttle probe flange between 2 flanged sections of pipe
  • Compatible with all Guided Wave analyzers

Talk to us about your particular process installation needs for the best fit.

Specifications Shuttle Probe
Uses / Applications Most process measurements
Pressure Range (psi) 0 to 2000 (probe only)
Temperature Range (°C) -20 to 260 (probe only) (handle maximum 50)
Probe Diameter (inches) 0.625
Available Probe Length (inches) 12; 18; 24; 30
Spectral Range (nm) UV-Vis (230-600); Vis-NIR (380-1100); NIR (800-2100)
Optical Pathlength (mm) 1;2;5;10;20;37;50 (set by the coupler, custom lengths available on request)
Standard Material 316L SS
Optional Materials Upon request
Fiber Types Deep UV (UV-Vis); Low-OH or Ultra Low-OH (Vis-NIR)
Core Fiber Diameter (µm) 500 Standard (400 and 600 also available)
Fiber Connector SMA 905 (FC; ST also available)
Window Material Sapphire
Window Seal Au alloy braze
Mounting Shuttle probe flange
Part Number 12622-1xxxx
Data Sheet Doc # download1020

Shuttle Probe Couplers

  • The coupler connects 2 shuttle probes and sets the pathlength. One is required per pair of shuttle probes

Shuttle Probe Flanges

  • Extractor Assembly Mechanism: Removal and servicing of probes without shutting down process
  • Shuttle Probe Flanges hold your probe assembly in the process and allow for cleaning of the probe windows without stopping process flow
  • Various sizes and classes available to suit your process
  • Probes are sealed to the flange on both sides by Teflon V rings

High Temperature Shuttle Probes

  • Higher temperature capable version with attached heat sinks to protect your fiber connections

High temperature Shuttle probe flanges

  • Sealed on both sides by graphite based seals
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