Transmission Probe (SST) and (O-SST)


Transmission Probe (SST) and (O-SST)

  • Unique compact patented design
  • Easily installed in a pipe or reactor through a single access port
  • Compatible with all Guided Wave analyzers
  • Compatible with many fiber optic analyzer brands according to fiber diameter and spectral range
  • Optional accessories for easy probe adaptation to different kinds of process installations

Many applications and installations require an individualized fit please contact us to discuss your precise needs.

SST Transmission Probe
Specifications Transmission Probe (SST) and (O-SST)
Uses / Applications Most versatile insertion process probe.  Optional accessories make it easy to adapt to different kinds of process installations.
Pressure Range (psi)* SST
Pressure Range (psi)* O-SST
0 to 2000 [0-138 bar]  (higher pressures available on request)
0 to 1000 [0-69 bar]
Temperature Range (°C) SST
Temperature Range (°C)  O-SST
-40 (°C)  to 300 (°C)
Determined by o-ring material but not to exceed -25 (°C) to 250 (°C)
Probe Diameter (inches)* SST
Probe DIameter (inches)* O-SST
0.750; 1.00 (larger diameter recommended for probes ≥ 24″ long)
Available Probe Length (inches)* 12; 18; 24; 30; 36
Spectral Range (nm) SST
SPectral Range (nm) O-SST
UV-Vis (230-600); Vis-NIR (380-1100);  NIR (800-2100)
UV-Vis (200-600); Vis-NIR (380-1100);  NIR (800-2100)
Optical Pathlength (mm)* SST
Optical Pathlength (mm)* O-SST
2; 5; 10; 15; 20; 50
1; 2; 5; 10; 15; 20; 50
Standard Material 316L SS Standard
Optional Materials 304 SS, Hastelloy C-276, Monel, Titanium, and Nickel
Core Fiber Diameter (µm)*  400, 500, 600 (others by request)
Fiber Connector SMA 905 Standard   (FC; ST also available)
Window Material SST
Window Material O-SST
Sapphire (Vis-NIR)
Sapphire (Vis-NIR) or Fused Silica (UV)
Window Seal SST
O-ring Seal O-SST
Proprietary gold alloy brazing
Polymer o-ring material of your choice including Kal-Rez and Viton *
Mounting Swaged Fittings; custom flanges; extractor assembly mechanism
Probe Part Number SST
Probe Part Number O-SST
1296x‐xxxxx; 12985‐xxxxx (flanged)
45040‐xxxxx; 12985‐1xxxx (flanged)
Data Sheet Doc #  SST
Data Sheet Doc # O-SST
* *Contact Factory for alternatives

Optional SST or O‐SST Probe Accessories

The SST or O-SST probe is available with optional accessories for easy adaptation to different kinds of process installations.

  • Custom Flange Service: Facilitates installation of the SST or O-SST probe into common process pipe configurations.

Custom Flange Service ►

  • Extractor Assembly Mechanism: Removal and servicing of probes without shutting down process
    • Rapid, safe extraction of in-line probe from pressurized process streams
    • 2 inch Class 300 raised face flange
    • Teflon “V” -ring packing glands standard

Extractor Assembly Mechanism ►

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