OmniView V2.5x Process Analysis Software

Guided Wave’s NIR-OTM process analyzer utilizes OmniViewTM software for process monitoring and control. Flexible and robust, OmniView is ideal for continuous process monitoring applications. Running a single Guided Wave analyzer, the software can be accessed remotely without interrupting the continuous operation of the analyzer. Configuration options make it easy to allow multiple remote users to view data simultaneously.

Specific Purpose

OmniView provides an environment for continuous and batch process analysis. The software may be implemented in all installations of NIR-O analyzers.

A Comprehensive Package

OmniView can be customized with “add on scripts” to meet the needs of any process installation. At a minimum, the software is provided as a stand-alone package to control all aspects of your Guided Wave NIR-O analyzer. The software allows for full control of the analyzer, diagnostic systems, data manipulation, maintenance/event log, trend graphs, models, security, input/output, etc. Communications via MODBUS® TCP are included as standard. 4-20 mA analog signals are also supported with optional hardware. Support for model formats from Unscrambler® X (CAMO), Solo Predictor (Eigen Vector/Matlab) and Pirouette® (Infometrix) is available. Pre-and post-processing of spectral data is done by way of the PythonTM scripting language. OmniView supports the multiple probes available on the NIR-O analyzer, each with multiple analyses. Models, probes, or the analyzer can be taken on and off line with the click of a button.

NIR-O Analyzer System

Remote Access

OmniView allows remote access over LAN/WAN via a web based Java application. With proper security settings you can fully operate and configure the OmniView software and your Guided Wave NIR-O analyzer from the plant or from any remote location. Simultaneous users can view the operations, function and “health” of your Guided Wave NIR-O analyzer. This is extremely useful as the process engineer, laboratory technician, maintenance technician, and process supervisor can all access the analyzer remotely to accomplish their tasks. Furthermore, at your option Guided Wave’s Service Engineers and/or Applications Specialists can review and support your system, on demand, from our service centers.

OmniView Screen Examples
OmniVIew Screen Example


User configurable windows to allow customized views

  • Multi-tasking
  • Pre-Configured for Easy Set-up
  • Real-time Trend Charts
  • Current Value Display
  • Powerful PythonTM Script Language
  • Multiple Access Levels (Security)
  • Built-in Reporting of Analyzer Diagnostics
  • Network Accessibility, Local and Global
  • Remote, Real-time Access
  • Component and System Level Event Logging
  • Event Logging with Manual Entry Option
  • MODBUS® TCP or RS232/485 Modbus 4-20mA is optional (requires additional hardware
  • Unscrambler® or Pirouette® Model Predictions (optional requires additional hardware)

Remote Clients: Minimum Computer Requirements

  • Intel® Dual Core processor
  • 4 GB RAM minimum, or as required for OS
  • Recommended 19 inch (minimum) monitor with 1080×1024 screen resolution
  • 100 MB Ethernet for network access
  • Microsoft Windows® OS – Win 7/10