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Saybolt Color Analyzer System

Get a Complete Saybolt Analyzer System with FREE Sample Interface and Fibers

For a limited time, Guided Wave is offering a Saybolt Analyzer including a FREE flow cell and the fiber cables. Fibers and the flow cell supplied are based on a standard configuration. Other configurations are available on request.

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With these uncertain times, we understand it may be hard to commit to purchasing soon. However, you can get your quote now and lock in this special promotional price, even if you buy later. Your quote with lower prices will be honored through the end of 2021.

Remember there is no obligation to buy. Simply request a quote by May 31st  to get these savings and buy before December 31, 2021.

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Saybolt Color Analyzer System

  • Industry 4.0 compliant photometer
  • Measurements achieved without hands-on sampling
  • Conforms to ASTM Standards (ASTM-D156, ASTM D6045)
  • Real-time color analysis of samples from -16 (dark) to +30 (light)
  • Customization available to monitor several different fuel color scales

Built on Proven ClearView db Platform

  • Unique dual beam optics – for long term, stable operation
  • Up to two (2) independent measurement points –  for added analytical flexibility at reduced cost per point
  • High efficiency yet rugged fiber optics – analyzer electronics can be located away from a hazardous sample point
  • In-door touch screen or Ethernet (Modbus TCP) – easy local or remote analyzer operation and control
  •  Analytical calculations are all encoded in the software – answers and alarms are clearly reported