NIR-O™ Full Spectrum NIR Analyzer


NIR-O™ Process Analyzer – Spectrometer

  • Full-spectrum, extended-range, near-infrared process spectrometer (XNIR, 1000-2100 nm) for a wider range of applications
  • Real-time, in-process measurements for fast, reliable online analysis and monitoring of complex process streams
  • Dual-beam design to maximize long-term stability and in-process robustness
  • Advanced, modular design for improved performance, longer up-time, and easy maintenance
  • Up to 12 independent channels (process sampling interfaces) maximizes flexibility and reduce cost per sample point
  • Compatible with all Guided Wave sample interfaces (Probes, Flow Cells, etc.)

Talk to us about your particular process application and requirements to determine the best configuration to meet your process control needs.

NIR-O Analyzer

Specifications NIR-O Process Analyzer – Spectrometer platform
Warranty Two (2) Year Limited Warranty
Channels Up to 12
Dual Beam 1 reference channel for each 6 available sample channels
Light Source Tungsten Halogen
Fiber Optic Cables 500 μm diameter Ultra Low-OH recommended
Fiber Optic Connections SMA 905
Modbus Communications Modbus TCP over Ethernet or external OPTO 22 analog and digital I/O
Software Required OmniView™  Process Analysis Software
Wavelength Range 1000-2100 nm (XNIR)
Wavelength Accuracy ±0.10 nm
Wavelength Precision (Repeatability) ±0.02 nm
Wavelength Stability (Drift) ±0.02 nm/day rms
Minimum Step Size 0.5 nm
Photometric Noise Single scan full range ≤50 μAU rms, 4 scan average full range ≤25 μAU rms
Photometric Stability (Baseline) ≤0.00075 AU/day rms
Stray Light ±0.1 %
Scan Time (Dual Beam) 6 sec/channel (1000 -2100 nm) minimum
RoHS Compliant Yes
Dimensions (General Purpose) Overall: 36” (w) x 17” (d) x 27” (h) [93 cm x 44 cm x 68 cm]
Enclosure Options Temperature controlled NEMA 12, NEMA 4, IP54, IEC 60529
Protection Options General Purpose, Z-Purge, X-Purge
Certifications Pending cCSAus; C1D1, C1D2; ATEX, IECEx: C1Z1, C1Z2
Environmental 0-45°C, 0-100% condensing, sun shaded and rain protected
Weight Approximately 180 lbs [82 kg]
Power Requirements 110/230 VAC, 50/60Hz (instrument only) 50W (1500 W maximum with A/C)
Product Brochure download 1052

Stability Monitoring System (SMS)

Provides analyzer validation according to ASTM D-6122 guidelines.

Intrinsically Safe Sensor Valve

Allows time stamping of samples and spectra. The synchronization of these events provides quality data for calibration purposes. (part number 18111-0001)

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