Sample Interface : Probes

The sample interface is a virtual “windows into the process” and is a critical component of any optical analyzer system. Guided Wave sample interfaces (probes, flow cells) are designed for use with NIR or UV/Vis fiber optic coupled analyzers. They are designed to be rugged and reliable in harsh chemical and physical process conditions while providing optimal transmission for long-term reliable measurements.

A brief overview of probes versus flow cells is below. More information is available about specific products using the navigation links on the left.

 How to Choose Process Sample Interfaces  Product Overview Probes and Flow Cells
Sample Interface : Probes & Flow Cells
Insertion Probes Flow Cells
  • In Situ Sampling
    • No Sample Prep
    • No Lag Time
    • Representative Sample Assured
  • Service
    • Probe must be removed from process for cleaning and zeroing
    • Extractor Mechanisms Available
  • Reliability
    • Excellent
  • Sample Loop Required
    • Sample Prep Possible
      • Thermostating
      • Filtering
      • Drying
    • Lag Time (depends on fast loop design)
  • Service
    • Can be cleaned and zeroed in place
  • Reliability
    • Flow Cell is Excellent
    • Sample Systems Require Maintenance
Analyzer Systems
Full Spectrum Analyzer Filter Photometer
  • All Wavelengths Available
  • Adaptive
    • Multiple Applications Possible
    • Full Programming Capability
  • Full Outlier Detection
  • Limited Number of Discreet Wavelengths
  • Limited Adaptability
    • Applications Limited to Wavelengths Available
    • Limited Programming Capability
  • None or Limited Outlier Detection
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