Guided Wave Offers Customizable Training Courses

Courses are instructed by knowledgeable experts, each with extensive professional experience at Guided Wave. Each course is one day, so different course topics or levels can be taken in just a few days.

  • Instrument type and topics can be customized
  • Small class size for more one-on-one instruction
  • Copies of all training material provided electronically
  • Classroom and hands-on activities
  • Courses available at your site and at Guided Wave worldwide

Topics /Dates

One Day Training Courses Dates CLV db NIR-O M508
Analyzer Maintenance
Basic Operation and Troubleshooting  Contact Us
Advanced Troubleshooting
Method Development(Chemometrics)
Basics Method Development  Contact Us
Advanced Method Development  √
Custom Created Course
Bring your own spectra and / or samples Contact Us


Analyzer Type One Day Training Courses Agendas Download Agenda
Analyzer Maintenance
Model NIR-O Maintenance and Troubleshooting Training Agenda (NIR-O) download 8034
Model 508 Maintenance and Troubleshooting Training Agenda (Model 508) download 8031
ClearView db Maintenance and Troubleshooting Training Agenda (ClearView db) download 8030
Method Development (Chemometrics)
Basics Method Development download 8032
Advanced Method Development download 8033
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