Greatly Reduce Analyzer Downtime with Guided Wave’s WaveCare Support Plan

7 Day, Extended Hours Priority Support

Do You have Mission Critical Process Operations?

  • Choose from 3 WaveCare Support Plans to Best Fit Your Needs
  • Support Plans Available for All GW Analyzers
  • Save Money by Not Having to Stock Spare Parts
  • Prices vary by Instrument Type and Plan
  • Please inquire about international availability
WaveCare Support Service Plan Levels: Silver Gold Platinum
Plan Benefits / Commitment 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year
7 Day, Extended Hours, Priority Support via WaveCare phone / text
Remote Analyzer Diagnostics
20% Discount on In-House Training Courses
20% Discount on Parts
Rapid, Priority Turnaround for Assemblies Returned for Servicing
Guarantee Availability of all Analyzer Parts
Shipping Paid (via Express Overnight Service)
No Advanced Purchase Order Necessary to Ship
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