Teflon PFA/PEEK Flowcell


Teflon Flow Cell

  • Suitable for corrosive streams or environments
  • Suitable for processes where metal contact must be avoided
  • Compatible with all Guided Wave analyzers

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Teflon pfa Peek Flowcell - Guided Wave

Specifications Teflon PFA/PEEK Flow Cell
Uses / Applications Corrosive process streams, semiconductor applications, cleanroom environments, laboratory use
Pressure Range (psi) 0 to 100
Maximum Temperature (°C) 110
Spectral Range (nm) UV-Vis (200-1000); Vis-NIR (400-2100)
Optical Pathlength (mm) 2;5;10;20
Connections 3/8in FNPT
Standard Material Teflon PFA, Kalrez®6375UP
Window Material Sapphire
Window Seal Kalrez®6375UP
Fiber Connector SMA 905
Part Number 45053-xxxxx
Data Sheet Doc # download 1045
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