Guided Wave’s Teflon PFA/PEEK Flow Cell was developed for sample streams that are incompatible with metal components, specifically HF semi-conductor baths. None of the cell’s wetted parts are constructed of metal. Only smooth Teflon PFA and sapphire surfaces contact the process stream. Corrosion resistant PEEK is used in the outer cell construction to eliminate any possible metals contamination originating from this part. Other major components of the cell are Teflon PFA and Kalrez® 6375UP (ultra- pure) o-rings. The Teflon PFA/PEEK Flow Cell utilizes the same optical components as our popular Multi-Purpose Flow Cell.

Figure 1 Metal free Flow Cell design for process spectroscopy applications such as HF purity in semiconductor baths

Process-Resistant NIR Flow Cell Construction

Since no metal parts come in contact with the liquid stream, the design is ideal for processes where even ppb levels of metal contamination can create serious problems, as in semiconductor fab etching and cleaning steps. The cell also performs well in the presence of extremely corrosive streams containing strong acids, bases, peroxides or halogenated compounds.

Quality is in the Design

Guided Wave designs quality into every probe and flow cell we build. Spectroscopic flow cell design requires stable and fixed optical path lengths, rigid optical alignment, high optical throughput, collimated (parallel) light through the sample, and smooth, turbulence free fluid flows. In addition, the fl ow cell materials must not contaminate the sample. The Teflon PFA/PEEK Flow Cell meets all of these requirements in a simple easy to maintain design. The net result is a flow cell that offers high signal-to-noise measurements, low thermal drift, low fl ow noise characteristics, absorbance accuracy, and low vibration sensitivity.

Operating Range

The Teflon PFA/PEEK Flow Cell operates at moderate temperatures and pressures. Specifically, safe upper limits for deployment are:

  • Temperatures to 110 °C
  • Pressures to 100 psi
  • Four standard pathlengths 2, 5, 10 and 20 mm
  • Custom paths are available by special order

Exceptional Light Transmission

Like other Guided Wave optical probes, the Teflon PFA/PEEK Flow Cell provides exceptional optical performance. Excellent peak transmission is guaranteed to exceed 45%. This means more signal, lower measurement noise and lower detection limits. The fl ow cell can be completely dismantled, then reassembled without changing the sampling pathlength, an important feature when working with established NIR calibration models.

The sample interface is a crucial component of a complete fiber optic based analyzer system. For optimal performance, the probe must be ‘’optically matched’’ with both the spectrometer and the fiber optic cable. The Teflon PFA/PEEK Flow Cell, just as is the case for all Guided Wave’s probes, provides consistently high performance when used in combination with our analyzers and fiber.  Guided Wave has a wide variety of probe designs to meet your process needs, including the SST Probe, O-ring SST Probe, Shuttle Probe, High Safety Flow Cell, Multi-Purpose Flow Cell, Teflon Flow Cell, Extruder Probe, Gas Cell, and laboratory probes.

Common Integration with Most Spectrometers

The Teflon PFA/PEEK Flow Cell is manufactured to facilitate full integration with any fiber optic system configured with SMA 905 connectors. The cell design provides optimal performance when used with fibers having a core diameter of 400 to 600 micron. This includes FT-NIR analyzers from other vendors.

Specifications Teflon Flow Cell
Uses / Applications Corrosive process streams, semiconductor applications, cleanroom environments, laboratory use
Pressure Range (psi)0 to 100
Maximum Temperature (°C) 150
Spectral Range (nm) UV-Vis (200-1000); Vis-NIR (400-2100)
Optical Pathlength (mm)
Connections1/2in FMPT
Standard Material Teflon
Window MaterialSapphire
Window SealTeflon
Fiber ConnectorSMA 905
Part Number12680-xxxxx

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