Transflectance Transmission Probe (T-SST)

Guided Wave’s Transflectance Single-Sided Transmission (T-SST) Probe is our newest addition to the Guided Wave line. It is our most compact fiber optic probe, with an OD of only 1⁄2 inch. Rugged and reliable, it’s ideal for laboratory or batch process use with smaller diameter reactor ports, or for continuous process monitoring applications in piping. It is easily installed in a reactor or pipe through a single access port with 1⁄2” Swagelok® fittings. The T-SST Probe works with any Guided Wave spectrometer or photometer.

The T-SST probe houses incoming and outgoing optical-fibers side-by-side in a single 1/2-inch diameter stainless steel body. The tranflectance design allows for twice the pathlength in the same space as a standard probe; making it ideal for small reactors or dilute solutions. The short pigtail fibers are a part of the probe itself and may be long enough for labortory or batch use where the analyzer is adjacent, eliminating the need to purchase additional fibers. For remote process analysis, longer fibers of a custom length may be joined with bulkhead connectors to obtain the exact length required.

This probe is available in several standard lengths and four optical pathlengths. Other probe lengths and pathlengths are available by special order.

Process-Resistant Probe Construction

The T-SST Probe is designed to withstand harsh process conditions. The body of the probe is built from 316 stainless steel or, by special order, other corrosion resistant materials. The T-SST Probe’s sapphire optical windows are sealed to the probe body with o-rings. These materials are unaffected by most hydrocarbons and polymers.

Exceptional Light Transmission

Like other Guided Wave optical probes, the T-SST Probe provides exceptional optical performance. Typically, peak transmission exceeds 30%. That means more signal, lower measurement noise, and lower limits of detection. Of course, the T-SST Probe’s optics are permanently aligned at the factory. There’s no need for optical adjustments at the time of installation, nor any chance for misalignment or varying pathlengths.

Transflection Probe is Compatible with All NIR Analyzers

The probe, or sample interface, is a crucial component of a complete analyzer system. For optimal performance, the probe must be ‘’optically matched’’ with the spectrometer and with the optical fiber that transmits the spectral data. The T-SST Probe and each of Guided Wave’s other optical probes is matched to Guided Wave analyzers and fiber to achieve the highest possible performance. The T-SST Probe is also compatible with FT-NIR Analyzers from other vendors.

SpecificationsTransflectance Single-Sided Transmission (T-SST) Probe
ses / ApplicationsBatch Reactors with ½ inch ports and Process streams with smaller piping.
Pressure Range (psi)0 to 500
Temperature Range (°C)-20  to 230(o-ring dependent)
Probe Diameter (inches)0.5
Available Probe Length (inches)6;8;12;18;24
Spectral Range (nm)Vis-NIR (380-1050); NIR (600-2100)
Optical Pathlength (mm)2;5;10;20
Standard Material316L SS
Optional MaterialsUpon request
Core Fiber Diameter (µm)500 Standard (400, 600 also available)
Fiber ConnectorSMA 905 Standard (FC; ST also available)
Window MaterialSapphire
Window SealPolymer o-ring materials: Viton, Kal-Rez® 6375, others on request
MountingSwaged Fittings
Part Number45173-xxxxx
Data Sheet Doc #1047

Transflectance Transmission(T-SST) is available with optional accessories for easy adaptation to different process installation configurations.

For more detailed information regarding system specifications please contact us.