Turbidity Flow Cell

Turbidity Flowcell with 3rd 90 degree port

  • Suitable for Haze or Turbidity and select transmission measurements
  • Measurement is made by a 90° backscatter measurement
  • Clean out port for easy window cleaning
  • Compatible with Guided Wave ClearView® db analyzers configured for Haze or turbidity

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SpecificationsTurbidity Flow Cell
Spectral Range (nm)UV-Vis (200-1000); Vis-NIR (400-2100)
Fiber Connector
SMA 905
Window Material Sapphire
Window Seal Polymer o-ring materials: Viton, Kal-Rez® 6375, others on request
Uses / ApplicationsHaze or Turbidity, Saybolt color
Standard Material 316L SS
Maximum Temperature (°C) 300 (o-ring dependent)
Optical Pathlength (mm) 20
Connections 1in tubing
Pressure Range (psi)0 to 500
Mounting3/4in MNPT Conduit connection standard (gland connection also available)
Part Number45302-xxxxx