Insertion Probe Cleaning 0002

1. Follow your company’s removal from service procedure for the probe or flow cell.

2. Clean the sapphire windows of the probe/flow cell using reagent or technical grade acetone (or other solvent suitable for your process) and a clean soft cotton swab. You may have to use several cotton swabs and repeat this operation several times in order to ensure that the windows are free of all scale, f lm and chemicals. Allow the acetone to completely evaporate.

3. Inspect the windows and window seals for any damage or cracks. Look for dirt or chemicals on the inside of the windows, cleavage planes in the sapphire windows, excessing pitting of the gold fi llet or etching (undercutting) of the gold-window or gold metal interfaces. Do NOT reinsert a probe which shows any of these potential failure modes. Process leaks through windows or windows seals can also be diagnosed by looking for abnormalities in spectra. Consult with Guided Wave if there is any problem or doubt.

4. Ensure the windows are dry before proceeding.

5. Reference (zero) the probe/channel – this is typically done with the probe in air and shielded from any light. Aluminum foil or a heavy, non-porous black cloth put over the probe works well (be sure the cloth does not block the light path between the windows!).

6. Preform the reference scan as recommended for the specific analyzer in use.

7. Place the probe or flow cell back in service.

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