New Guided Wave equipment is covered under a TWO (2) year limited warranty from the date of manufacture against manufacturing defects, workmanship, and materials. Repair or replacement will be performed at Guided Wave’s discretion. Items under warranty consideration must be returned to our facilities for warranty service. If onsite service is desired all travel expenses will be the customer’s responsibility. Guided Wave does not cover labor to install/remove or to clean and/or decontaminate the equipment.

  • Consumable parts are not covered under this warranty
  • Probes or products that are in contact with the customer’s processes may not be covered under this warranty
  • Modifying the products, tampering with or breaking the seals will void this warranty. The customer is responsible for mishandled, damaged or otherwise physically abused products
  • Installation of the products in a manner that does not meet Guided Wave specifications will void this warranty
  • Guided Wave shall not be liable for the loss of production, throughput or off specification product due to user or equipment error
  • Liability covered under this warranty is limited to the original cost of the Guided Wave equipment. Computer Equipment Warranty – For instruments with an internal/external computer system, Guided Wave can assist with contacting the manufacturer directly.