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Guided Wave’s use of NIR and UV/Vis technologies and spectroscopic techniques provides polymer producers with an effective means of monitoring, and thereby controlling, their reactions and production in real-time … either in continuous or batch processes. Having the ability to obtain near-instantaneous results is an essential tool to improving quality control and fine-tuning cost-effective reactions in the polymer industry. Monitoring in real-time eliminates the guesswork about when a reaction is complete and helps reduce overall cycle times.

  • Industry-proven spectroscopy – for online, real-time analysis in continuous processes or batch reactions
  • Multiple, independent sample interfaces – for reduced cost-per-sample-point
  • Many different probes designed specifically – for the unique conditions often demanded by polymer applications
  • Fiber-optic based system – to allow analyzer placement in a safe zone

Online spectroscopy can be used for a variety of critical measurements: for example, to determine molecular weight or measure critical values such as acid value, hydroxyl number, ppm water or isocyanate concentrations. Measuring color (yellowness) gives the producer a good indicator of oxidation. Instead of doing extensive titrations or other time-consuming laboratory measures of product quality, the operator gets accurate, real-time, and actionable information with Guided Wave analyzer systems.


  • Monitor reaction endpoints
  • Control reaction kinetics
  • Produce with Quality control to within tighter specifications
  • Reduce cycle times
  • Monitor cleanouts to help further reduce cycle times

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